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KOBRA-Diary of an Assassin


This book was written in accordance with events that actually happened in my life.  It is a story about a young man that was recruited for his running ability.  He was able to carry heavy loads and run distances of 30 miles without stopping.  He was recruited to kill.  He was the perfect assassin.  No one knew of endeavors except for only one, then two people.  The first was my handler, the second my lover.  Not even his wife, family or friends knew.  His cover was his computer career which he had already started.  His travels in his computer jobs took him all over the world, allowing him to slip out and complete the missions.  I will only say that my attorney has warned me about publishing this book and he has told me to tell the world that this book is fiction.  I’ll let you decide!

The wait is over. Kobra is here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

The New York Times


Thrilling in the extreme, Kobra is a definite a page-flipper.

The Washington Post

The most exciting book I have ever read.

The Dallas Times Hearald

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