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  I was born in Dallas, grade school in Irving, and High School in Pilot Point, TX.  I played football for the winningest coach in High School History, G.A. Moore.  I attended Cooke County Jr. College, Mountain View Jr. College, and the University of Texas at Arlington.  I finished my degree in computer science online at LaSalle University.  I have written four books, three in the Kobra Series and a Weaver family experience in our haunted house.  I played Drums and lead Singer in a successful Rock band in the late '70s and 80's and the band has recently reunited and has been playing in public a few times a year.

  I have lost the love of my life and have moved to a remote location near Santa Anna, TX. where I live on 105 acres with three cabins.  I spend most my time writing books and screenplays.  I've published one Copywrite, Desert Eagle, which has increased my client's business by over 3 thousand percent.  (He calls me daily and cusses me out)

  I have written a TV screenplay called, "In Space and Time" and will be starting production soon.  We will be starting the cast selection in two days and will begin shooting as soon as we get clear weather.

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